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Chapman University Keck Center for Science & Engineering

Orange, California

Size: 140,000-square-foot Lab Building;
149,000-square-foot Parking Structure
Construction Cost: $130 million
Start / End date: 2012 / 2018
Architect: AC Martin
General Contractor: CW Driver
Owner: Chapman University
Services: Commissioning

At Chapman University Keck Center for Science and Engineering, advanced technologies were implemented to demonstrate the possibilities in the built environment. The building is located adjacent to the stadium which provided opportunities to make this a landmark for the campus, as well as take advantage of the stadium views.

Dynamic glazing was introduced to the Keck Center, meaning as the sun angle changes throughout the day, north, east, and west glazing in the main stair automatically modulates tint to control solar heat gain. Daylight harvesting used throughout the building was fine-tuned to gradually dim interior lights in daylight zones, while maintaining comfortable light levels at all times.

Glumac was not only the commissioning agent, but also acted as MEP engineer and energy analyst at the Keck Center. Our commissioning, energy, and design staff collaborated in early design to realize a highly efficient building, utilizing active hot and chilled beams, on-site central plant, and modulating laboratory exhaust fans.

Keck Center is directly adjacent to a residential neighborhood, resulting in noise complaints regarding some laboratory fans which needed to operate 24 hours a day. This conflict was resolved by reviewing how the exhaust system could be further staged down to run at minimal capacity thereby reducing fan noise. We also collaborated with the architect regarding sound absorbing materials to limit mechanical noise during regular hours.

Commissioned Systems

  • Central building
  • Automation system
  • Local magnetic bearing chilled water plant
  • Local heating hot water boiler plant
  • Air handling units and
  • Fan coil units
  • Hot and chilled beams
  • Phoenix air valves
  • Computer room AC units
  • Electrical, water, gas metering
  • Laboratory and general
  • Exhaust systems
  • Building air/water balancing and pressurization
  • Domestic hot water
  • Systems and tank storage
  • Exterior photocell
  • Controlled lighting
  • Interior daylighting and occupancy controlled lighting
  • Emergency generator and ATS
  • Landscape irrigation systems

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February 11, 2021