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Google YouTube Prototype Broadcast Facility

Office Commissioning - Glumac

Playa Vista, California
Size: 40,000 sf
Project Cost: Confidential
Completion Date: 2012
Owner: Google
Architect: HLW Architects
Project Manager: Ross Project Management
Contractor: Howard Building Corporation

Glumac provided LEED Fundamental and LEED Enhanced Commissioning for this prototype broadcast facility consisting of approximately 30,000 sf of technical space and 10,000 sf of office space.

Formerly a Hughes Aircraft helicopter facility, this new space is in Phase 3 of an ongoing drive to become the premier destination for original streaming videos. Currently, the Google YouTube facility houses everything from soundstages to green-screen rooms and aims to be an incubator for some of the most creative amateur Google YouTube video producers.

The entire facility is intended to be used by video creators as their set, whether indoors or outdoors. There are feature-film-grade Steadicams, a sitcom-quality three-camera studio, and a live-show audio control booth modeled on the one used by Saturday Night Live. There is even a Foley room where YouTubers can learn to create their own sound effects.

The bright and modern architectural style features an open floor-plan meant to encourage collaboration. The space incorporates creative company staples, such as a fire pole to slide down when one needs to let off steam, “bird’s nest” sky lounges aimed at promoting intense brainstorming sessions, and bikes for easy sprints around the massive warehouse

Commissioned Systems:

  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and their associated controls
  • Lighting and dimmer controls
  • Daylighting controls
  • Domestic Hot Water Systems

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August 25, 2015