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McCarran Airport

McCarran Airport - Glumac Commissioning

Las Vegas, Nevada
Size: 48,000 sf
Project cost: $67.7 Million
End Date: January 2010
Contractor: Penta Building Group
Owner: McCarran International Airport

The Terminal 3 Central Utility Plant is a new structure with an exterior utility yard. The facility is designed with sufficient capacity to serve Terminal 3, Concourse D, and the Automated Transit System (ATS) and stations that link these two facilities.

The plant has 11,000 tons of cooling capacity from five 2,200-ton, variable primary flow centrifugal chillers; an additional 2,200-ton centrifugal chiller is provided as stand-by. The chillers are served by five field erected concrete cooling towers; these also utilize an additional cell that is provided as standby.

The hot water system consists of six (6) 21,000 MBH heating hot water boilers with flexible water tubes, and an additional 21,000 MBH unit as standby. There are four 2,500 KVA diesel generators that provide emergency power to both Terminal 3 and the Central Utility Plant.

Glumac was involved early in project development, providing a peer review of the design documents and specifications and submittal reviews. Since the central plant is part of a much larger master plan of the airport, Glumac assisted in the coordination between the numerous contractors to ensure the equipment and systems are installed correctly the first time.


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August 25, 2015