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Glumac Commissioning is a dedicated team of professionals focused exclusively on full-service commissioning. We partner with you from design to move-in and beyond, bringing together the owner, design team, contractors, and building operators to support and achieve your project goals. We provide a single point of expertise for a variety of building commissioning services on a range of project types. From athletic to healthcare, commercial to hi-tech facilities, we have the breadth of experience to support your facility type. To complement these services, we also offer Energy Modeling, Sustainability, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing consulting services.

Glumac is a leading Commissioning, Energy, MEP Engineering, and sustainable building design services firm with more than 350 employees. With offices in Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Irvine, Las Vegas, Austin, Houston, and Shanghai, we are well-positioned to deliver a comprehensive sustainable building package for our clients.

  • Optimized System Performance
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Reduced Occupant Complaints
  • Reduced Change Orders + RFI’s
  • Quality Building Documentation
  • Highly Trained Experienced Staff


Lowering your operating costs by up to 20%

Why Commission? Commissioned buildings are more energy efficient and have lower operating and maintenance costs than non-commissioned buildings. They have better indoor air quality and thermal comfort, which translates into improved occupant comfort, health, welfare and increased productivity. Commissioning reduces costly RFI’s and change orders, and ensures the facility staff is properly trained. Glumac Commissioning Group, one of the largest on the West Coast, has over 20 years of experience commissioning all types of buildings and systems.

Industry Accreditation Glumac Commissioning are long-time members of the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG), Building Commissioning Association (BCA), and the USGBC Council.

Glumac’s Commissioning Services Include

General Building Systems Cx

We work with the owner and design team to systematically improve system performance, operation & maintenance, comfort and energy efficiency, assuring quality throughout the entire design and construction process. We perform comprehensive reviews on the Construction Documents, identifying issues before they become costly construction issues. The extensive field background of all our agents allow them to work seamlessly with the construction team during start up and functional testing. Our Cx Report and Systems Manuals are expertly prepared and user friendly so they become an active tool for the operation of the building. Our clients are assured that their building works as intended with a well training operations staff at the helm.

Whole Building Cx

A building’s systems must work together – not just the energy-using systems – to have optimal operational efficiency well into the occupancy and operations phases to verify the project meets the evolving needs of occupants and owner. This includes architectural systems, envelopes, lab systems, fire/life safety systems, security systems, irrigation and water reclamation systems need to be commissioned. We take a comprehensive approach to commissioning all systems in a building, meaning a coordinated and energy efficient facility throughout.

Continuous/Ongoing/ Monitor Based Cx

Continuous or Ongoing commissioning keeps building systems operating at peak efficiency. Regular building “checkups” on revolving schedules ensure systems are functioning properly in cold and warm weather. Working with our strategic technology partners, we monitor your building remotely and identify issues that affect occupant comfort and energy usage before they become costly problems.


Just like a car, every building needs a tune up to run efficiently. We protect your investment by providing Re-Commissioning services to ensure your building is energy efficient and in good working order throughout the lifetime of the building.

Critical Facilities Cx

Critical Facility Managers need to know that their infrastructure is reliable, redundant and resilient before they support critical load. Glumac’s specialized Critical Facility Commissioning Team starts early in the Design Phase, providing analysis and recommendations on the facility’s operational efficiency without interruptions to operations. The team makes sure the facility functions as intended prior to day one and beyond, eliminating costly down time.

CA Title 24 Cx

The California Energy Commission acknowledges that Commissioning plays a key role in reducing negative environmental impacts that come with traditional buildings. The Title 24 Energy Code requires commissioning on all new non-residential buildings, with some project type and size exceptions. Our CA-based commissioning agents are experts on T24 Commissioning and our process satisfies all T24 requirements, meaning our clients have no-hassle permitting and certificates of occupancy.

LEED Commissioning

The USGBC understands the importance that Commissioning plays in reducing the impact of the buildings on the environment, which is why commissioning is a mandatory credit to achieve a LEED certification. We have provided LEED commissioning services since its inception, having completed hundreds of LEED Commissioning projects from Certified to Platinum levels.

Facility Optimization Services

Savvy property owners look to building operations to increase the bottom line. Even small percentages in energy savings can translate into thousands of dollars saved each year. Glumac’s Team of Commissioning Agents and Energy Analysts analyze building operations, identify areas of concern, and suggest Facility Improvements Measures (FIM) that can save energy and improve building performance. Our Facility Optimization program provides our clients with the right tools and information so they can make informed decisions and budget their costs.

Operations Review + Planning

A building is only as good as its handlers. Properly trained operations staff with a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plan is necessary to keep your building operating efficiently. Our Commissioning Team can help. Our staff includes former Chief Building Engineers and Facility Managers who know how to run and maintain today’s complicated buildings. We develop an Operations Plan tailored to your building and staff to keep things running like a well-oiled machine.

MEP and Lighting Design Services

We specialize in cost-effective, sustainable design of commercial, institutional, advanced technology, and healthcare facilities worldwide. In addition to commissioning, our services include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) consulting engineering, building commissioning, CFD/BIM modeling, lighting design, technology integration, and energy services. We provide comprehensive sustainable building engineering as a single coordinated package for efficient construction.

Energy Services

We provide reliable energy analysis early in your decision-making process to save you time and money in designing and operating an efficient building. Through energy modeling and auditing, measurement and verification, and procurement of financial incentives, our dedicated energy group supports retro-commissioned, renovated, and newly constructed projects. We compare your building performance with a robust database of comparable facility energy data to demonstrate how your building performs and how it could perform optimally.

Energy Audits

We perform ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 Energy Audits. Our team evaluates building systems to determine what energy efficiency measures can improve efficiency. We perform ROI and simple payback calculations to help you make informed decisions on which measures yield the most savings.

Measurement and Verification

We work with designers to create a measurement and verification plans to determine where and how energy is being used. We oversee the installation of the metering systems, monitor energy usage, and work with the building operators to maximize energy efficiency.

Fire/Life Safety

Our fire and life safety experts provide third-party verification that stairwell pressurization fans, smoke control fans, smoke detectors, and fire fighter control panels are operational in conjunction with the fire department’s final inspections.
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