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Keaton Sweeney

Keaton Sweeney - Glumac Commissioning Agent

Cx Authority
Portland, OR

Keaton has been in the industry since 2010, and his experience is inclusive of multiple positions within Whole Building Commissioning and Building Automation Systems (BAS) services. Keaton has acted as Commissioning Authority for newly constructed and renovated buildings as well as acted as an Owner’s Representative. As an Owner’ Rep his duties included guiding the project team and ensuring the budget, schedule and Owner’s goals were met.

Over Keaton’s 8 years of experience he’s worked on projects including healthcare campuses, educational facilities and commercial developments. His extensive BAS programming and commissioning experience in critical healthcare environments helps identify and resolve complex issues early on, while helping build robust and reliable systems. His wealth of technical knowledge is an asset when he is providing design and submittal reviews, and performing site observations, functional performance testing, and managing projects through the turnover and warranty phases. Keaton’s diverse knowledge within the built environment gives him a unique understanding for developing and enforcing standards, improving training deliverables, and providing process improvement solutions. He works closely with the owners, facility staff, and project teams to bridge communication and facilitate successful project turnover.


  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, MN
  • Construction ICRA – Infection Control Risk Assessment
  • Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA)

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August 6, 2015